Joe Linton

Joe Linton is editor of Los Angeles Streetsblog. He is also a longtime urban environmental activist. His main areas of interest have been restoring the Los Angeles River and fostering bicycling for everyday transportation. He’s worked for many Los Angeles livability non-profits, including Friends of the L.A. River, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, C.I.C.L.E., Livable Places, and CicLAvia. He also served as deputy to Los Angeles City Councilmember Ed Reyes.

Exclusive articles:

Metro Looks to Approve On-Bus Camera Enforcement Ticketing Drivers Who Park in Bus Lanes

This story first appeared at Streetsblog Los Angeles. Earlier today, the Metro Operations Committee approved Metro on-bus cameras for ticketing drivers who park in bus...

How to Support the Ambitious ‘Marina Central Park’ Freeway Removal Study in Los Angeles

Marina Central Park would remove the three-mile-long, six-plus lane Marina Freeway (SR-90) and replace it with new housing, parks, bus rapid transit, and bikeways

Speed Camera Bill Has Bent Over Backwards to Answer Opponents

The following article first appeared in Streetsblog California. For years, proponents of speed cameras, which have proven to reduce vehicle speeding, have been trying to get a...

How Future Metro Freeway Expansion could Mitigate Increased Driving – Part 2

The following article first appeared at Streetsblog Los Angeles. Read part 1, here. Back in 2020, the climate was overheating in the form of large...

Metro to Mitigate Increased Driving on Future Freeway Expansion Projects – Part 1

Today's scintillating topic is VMT mitigation. VMT Mitigation! VMT stands for Vehicle Miles Traveled. Mitigation means making bad things less bad. This story first...


100 Wilshire: A Tale of Two Heights

If you recently read that the City’s tallest apartment...

Active Transportation Program Cut Because Administration Wants to Prioritize Highways

The Active Transportation Program "is a key aspect of...
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