DocDrew’s Swish Issue 2, Volume 11


Welcome to the second issue of volume eleven of Swish, a periodical with recaps and photos of Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball games, and other pertinent info such as announcements and updates from the program.

The Santa Monica Family YMCA wishes to thank all those that volunteered to be coaches and referees this past season.  We can not thank you enough for your time and dedication to helping to develop this generation of youth.

We want to thank our partners, the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation which provides jerseys, grants, and clinics to help develop our youth.  We are ever grateful for their support of our program.  Many thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation:  Kiesha Nix, Kiley Sensi, Richard Harris, and Jeanie Buss for helping us become the premier youth basketball program on the Westside.

We also wish to give many thanks to UCLA Health for donating the Junior Lakers jerseys that our players wear with great pride, and partnering with the Foundation in providing grants and support.

The theme of the team names for this past season was slang and terms that are often used in the sport of basketball.  

If you wish to learn more about the Santa Monica Family YMCA and our programs, including our Summer youth basketball league, please visit our website

SAT  6/17/23  WEEKEND #7


Clutch vs Rebounders

The Clutch were short handed but gave it a go, as Sebastian Armijo scored a bucket, Theo Stele grabbed rebounds, and Jordan Martin played through illness to make the best out of it for his team.  The Rebounders leading scorer was Baran Dahukey, Jaxon Silverstein led in assists, Pablo Gonzalez led in steals, Leo Yaghoubzadeh played for both teams to help create a game, and Jett Shung was Player of the Game as the rebound leader.

Blockers vs Treys

This match was a 4 vs 4 throughout, as many kids were on vacation or under the weather instead of the sun.  The Blockers were led in scoring by Royal Luna who had 23 points, and Moss McFly Ton made a free throw, as teammates Renata Melo and Katarina Epstein got rebounds for the Blockers.  The Treys had points from all 4 of their players, as Stanislau Zhizhenka, Howie Trussler, and Rome Ricks had baskets;  and the Treys were led by Player of the Game, Lucas Alemayehu, who had 19 points including two “Treys” giving justification for his team name.

Dimes vs Slammers

The Dimes took a big lead on the strength of points from Liana Enayat, William Holt, Olivia Wu, and Beau Bigler.  The Slammers got their scoring in the second half from Bodhi Petitti and Soren Verleun.  The Slammers had rebound leaders of Aidan Schneider and Oscar Vidger, with steals from Indra Srivastava.  The Dimes were able to hold off the Slammers thanks in part to the tenacious defense of Mai Ly Pariser.


Downtown vs Breakers

Downtown got out to an early lead on baskets from Eugene Edouarzin, Elijah Kinnard and Betayna Desta;  however, the Breakers took a halftime lead on points from Rohan Peddi, Niam Pahwa, Henry Fyda, and Player of the Game James Boesiger.  The second half was close as other players made the scoring column, as Redeat Gebeyehu, Andrey Sterlyagov and Ocean Yaghoubzadeh, and Chloe Scofield grabbing rebounds, but the Breakers were tough on defense as Keshav Srivastava and Itamar Yurman locked down on defense, and Rohan Peddi and James Boesiger added big points in the final minutes to hold onto victory.

Player of the Game, the Breakers James Boesiger, with teammate Rohan Peddi.  Photo by Jeff Boesiger 


Press vs Schoolers 

Close game throughout the entire match.  The Press had the lead early, as Caden Feradouni hit a “3”, and teammates Keen Nikkel, Cam Pariser, and Jack Segal scored multiple points;  however, the Schoolers countered and close the gap at halftime, and took an early lead in the second half, as Mensisa Alemayehu had three “3”s, Matthew Assefa and Noah Tsegaye gathered rebounds, and put them back in for points.  The Press fought back and got the lead back on baskets by Amir Enayati and Raif-Henok Kendrick, but so did the Schoolers as Desi Parra and Cassius Taylor added points to take the lead back.  The Press did what their name is, they instituted a full court press, and steals were created by Iwa Hashim and Player of the Game Jack Segal to take a narrow lead with seconds left.  The Schoolers came up just short as the ball bounced off the rim in the final seconds, and the Press held on by the narrowest of margins to get their first victory of the season.

Cagers vs Rainmakers

Photo by Amir Etemadnia 

The first half featured unusual suspects scoring for both teams.  The Rainmakers had points from Isaac Lynn, Vihaan Nawathe, and Gabriel Chibane.  The Cagers had points from Max Baracy, Nicholas Huether, and Matteo Tinti.  As the second half started, the score remained close as the Rainmakers got Dagmawi Ayele into the scoring column, and steals from Dylan Kravitz and Kaleab Seyum, along with rebounds from Nicholas Rangel.  The Cagers would end up pulling away as Parker Cappiccille and Matthew Scholze finally got their scoring going, along with shut down defense from Axel Trussler and Hunter Esposito-Doi to give the Cagers a commanding victory.

SUN 6/18/23


Jammers vs Ballers

It was a battle of first place teams.  The Ballers had a small halftime lead on baskets from Olivia Wang, Oliver and Oscar Farrar.  First half scoring for the Jammers came from Killian Gregoris and Jakob Sroka.  The second half saw a tighter contest as teams traded baskets as the Jammers got steals from Sora Nomoto and Nor Lanich, and more points from Kilian Gregoris and Jakob Sroka.  Just as the score was very close. The Ballers were able to pull ahead in the final minutes on more points from Player of the Game Oliver Farrar, Olivia Wang, and Oscar Farrar;  and quality defense from Owen Wang, Lior Vaisburd, Safi Pahwa, and Henry Bowman to get the victory.

Swish vs Hoopsters

The first half saw the Swish get out to a big lead thanks to the hot shooting by Louis Liu, who had three baskets in the first half along with his teammate River Stanton who had two baskets and made a free throw.  The Hoopsters first half scoring was a field goal by Benson Berry.  The second half saw the Hoopsters Jaxon Oxendine score 8 points and Greysen Lovett had a basket.  The Hoopsters got tough defense from Rowan Massey and Jason Ren by grabbing rebounds to keep their team close.  The Swish locked down their defense with Elodie and Isabelle Ma controlling the perimeter, and Josephine Carey getting key steals, as River Stanton and Player of the Game Louis Liu continued their scoring to give the Swish the win.


Jumpers vs Dunkers

Photo by Mirela Samardzija

Dunkers had first half scoring from Lucas Dogic, Emet Ketai, Nadim Nasr, Nadir Nasr, and Luca Tinti.  The Jumpers had first half scoring from Liam Desante, Lunus Verleun, and Declan Wong.  In the second half, the Jumpers Saryah Reece(2-2 on her free throws), Alice Roberts,  and Peter Rodrick got into the scoring column.  The Dunkers Mida Stele made the boxscore in the second half has he had a game high 12 points, including two “3”s, and Keanu Lowrey played solid defense to guide the Dunkers to victory.


Crashers vs Fadeaways

The Fadeaways took an early lead on baskets by Kayhler Tomlinson and Radin Taherian, but the Crashers countered and took the lead on baskets by Luke Steelman, Liam Katz, Austin Bernier, and Coen Haynes who also had a “3”.  The second half saw the Crashers take control as Kaya Dahukey, Conrad DiMauro, Ross Nelson, Oliver Harris, and Player of the Game Liam Katz locked down on defense.  The Fadeaways did get additional scoring from Nicholas Von Hardenberg and Aiden Hill. as Luca Hayutin, Alex Brussovansky, and Radin Thaerian grabbed rebounds, but were not able to close the gap on the lead the Crashers had built.

Handles vs Defenders

At first, nobody could by a bucket, and there was no score in the first 8 minutes of the game until Olana Alemayehu and Ethan Kondratyev each scored a basket, then Mia Kondratyeva had an “And 1” with the converted free throw to give the Defenders a small lead;  however, the Handles came right back on a basket by Abdullah Jooma, and two 3-point plays by Henry Covington which was one the old fashioned way with a bucket and an “And 1” with the converted free throw, and then a  swish “3” from the perimeter to have the Handles only down by 2 at halftime.  The second half saw the Defenders take advantage of the full court press and score some quick points off turnovers created by multiple steals from Player of the Game Rayan Chibane.  But the Handles got it together after a timeout, and went on a run to get the game within 2 points as Diego Gonzalez drove the lane for a couple of lay-ups and Azumi Nomoto had two buckets.  After a Defenders timeout, they went on their own run led by Kay Robert, Alden Wong, Mia Kondratyeva scoring multiple points, and Rayan Chibane and Olana Alemayehu making deep “3”s, as Henry Huss and Yisaac Tariku made assists to teammates, and Ibrahim Ally got rebounds.  The Handles came back with a “3” from Maraki Tsegaye, but it wasn’t enough to catch the Defenders who still remain undefeated this season.


Splash vs Daggers

The Daggers got the lead early on baskets from Jack Phelan, London Coleman, Raxx Lee, and August Von Hardenberg.  The Splash got first half scoring from Joshua Edwards, Sam McGowan, and Danilo Samardzija.  In the second half, The Splash were able to get Masalay Benyam into the scoring column, and got rebounds from River Zelenovic.  The Daggers were too strong as Christian Ferew and Adonyinas Yonas made scores, and Player of the Game AJ Evans took over the game, as he was the high scorer with 18 points that included two “3”s that pulled his team ahead for good.

TUES 6/20/23 Games #8


Ballers vs Swish

All the scoring was in the first half, as the Farrar brothers, Oliver and Oscar scored all 6 points, but the Swish got it going in the second half as Josephine Carey and Louis Liu assisted to teammates that made scores, and Isabelle and Elodie Ma got rebounds and steals.  The Ballers had Lior Vaisburd and Olivia Wang make baskets, and the Farrar brothers continued to score, and the Ballers had good defensive performances from Safi Pahwa and Owen Wang.

Jammers vs Hoopsters

Points were hard to come by in this match, as the rims seemed a little tight and kicking out shots.  The Jammers had first half scoring from Ashok Dhoka and Tyler Enayati to take a small lead at halftime.  The second half saw the Hoopsters get all 6 points from Theo Manolelis, along with rebounds from Jaxon Oxendine and Benson Berry, and steals from Greysen Lovett and Jason Ren.  The Jammers got a bucket from Killian Georgaris, and solid defense from Frida Garcia, Sora Nomoto, and Noe Lanich.  The Hoopsters held on to the narrowest of victories.


Dunkers vs Breakers 

The unbeaten Dunkers would be severely tested in this matchup, as the Breakers came out strong as Niam Pahwa hit a 3 and a 2, Henry Fyda had a bucket, and James Boesiger had 8 first half points to give the Breakers a halftime lead.  The Dunkers did get first half points from Nadim Nasr, Mika Stele, and Luca Tinti.  The second half was back and forth, as James Boesiger and Rohan Peddi drove to the hoop and converted free throws from being fouled, and Beau Zaczepinski stole the ball multiple times.  As the game wound down, the Dunkers got a key basket from Jeffrey Records and a couple of “3”s from Lucas Dogic and Mika Stele, and key steals from Nora Neff and Jane Ganek to narrowly escape the jaws of defeat, but the Breakers proved to be a worthy opponent that will make this match even closer the next time they meet.

WED 6/21/23


Jumpers vs Downtown

Downtown took a first half lead on 6 points from Eugene Edouarzin and a bucket each from Betanya Desta and Ocean Yaghoubzadeh.  First half points for the Jumpers came from Linus Verleun and Elliot Israels.  The Jumpers got more points from Linus Verleun in the second half, and teammates Peter Rodrick, Alice Roberts, Liam Desante, and Jake Cahoon each had a field goal.  The Jumpers got rebounds from Saryah Reece and Declan Wong.  But Downtown was strong in the second half as Andrey Sterlyagov made 3 buckets, Leon Meunze and Redeat Gebeyehu got multiple rebounds, and Eugene Edouarzin earned Player of the Game honors as he scored 8 more points in the second half.


Handles vs Crashers

The Crashers started out strong as Liam Katz and Coen Haynes each hit a “3” from beyond the arc, and Ross Nelson and Ryan Yousefi grabbed rebounds.  The Handles got first half scoring from Spencer Nelson and Azumi Nomoto.  The second half had the Crashers pulling away as Ming Zhu, Luke Steelman, and Player of the Game Austin Bernier all scored.  The Handles had Rohham Taherian, Maraki Tsegaye, Diego Gonzalez, and Nicholas Mirich make baskets, and Sean Dobbs grabbed rebounds.


Daggers vs Cagers

Close first half as the Daggers got scoring from TJ Turner, London Coleman, AJ Evans, Razz Lee, and August Von Hardenburg.  The Cagers had a “3” for all party in the first half, as Parker Cappiccille, Rayan Etemadnia, and Nicholas Huether became the “3” musketeers, and teammate Matthew Scholze controlled the backcourt.  The second half saw the Daggers join the “3” party with treys from AJ Evans and London Coleman;  however, the Cagers were too strong as Jake Montanez and Ben Steelman added points to give the Cagers a commanding lead to obtain the victory.

THURS  6/22/23


Treys vs Clutch

First half scoring for the Treys was all Lucas Alemayehu, and the Clutch countered with all their scoring from Jordan Martin and Jonas Ketai to keep a tied score at halftime.  The second half remained close throughout, as the Clutch Dora Manolelis and Wynn Jeffters grabbed key rebounds, and teammate Sebastian Armijo made several steals.  The Treys had scoring in the second half from Rome Ricks and Rodrigo Padron, and key defensive stops from Howie Trussler, Nanda Aysola, and Stanislau Shishenka.  When all was said and done, the match ended in a draw.

Dimes vs Blockers

This match had the Blockers Royal Luna as the leading scorer with13 points including a rare Bronze division “3”.  The Blockers had baskets from Tomas Leblond and Katarina Epstein, along with solid defense from Theodore Edelman, Mateo Chan, Moss McFly Ton, and Baer Loubek to hold down the Dimes offense.  The Dimes were able to get a couple of buckets each from Liana Enayatie and Olivia Wu, along with rebounds and steals from Mai Ly Pariser, William Holt, and Beau Bigler.

Rebounders vs Slammers

The first quarter was all Rebounders, as Baran Dahukey and Jaxon Silverstein had multiple baskets, but the Slammers controlled the 2nd quarter with points from Bodhi Petitti and Soren Verleun to narrow the gap.  The second half saw the Rebounders pull away with points from Saum Safavi and Pablo Gonzalez, along with multiple rebounds from Jett Shung and Player of the Game Leo Yaghoubzadeh.  The Slammers did get second half scoring from Oscar Vigder, Aidan Schneider, and Amarveer Gupta;  and, strong defense from Parisa Hemmati.

FRI  6/23/23


Press vs Rainmakers 

The Rainmakers controlled this game from start to finish with all 7 players in the game scoring, most notably raining “3”s with Aiden Lin and Kaleab Seyum connecting from downtown, and multiple field goals from Ryan Chambers, Kai Halper, Noah Micheal, and Yafet Desta.  The Rainmakers Dagmawi Ayele led the game in rebounds.  The Press had points from Amir Enayati, Keen Nikkel, and Jarvis Wakefield;  but the bulk of their scoring came from Cam Pariser and Leo Epstein, and Caden Feradouni was the steal leader for his team.


Fadeaways vs Defenders

Photo by Thea Cappiccille 

Photo by Damon Huss

A Defenders victory would give them the division championship, but the Fadeaways were ready to be spoilers as Kayhler Tomlinson and Logan Cappiccille kept it close with their hot shooting.  The Defenders did manage to have a small lead at halftime on baskets by Kay Roberts, Henry Huss, Ysaac Tariku, and Alden Wong.  The second half saw the Fadeaways close the gap on a basket by Nicholas Von Hardenberg, along with steals and rebounds from Luca Hayutin, Jake Records, and Rafa Ayala.  The Fadeaways also got blocks from Radin Taherian that forced the Defenders to take a timeout to regroup as the game stayed close.  As their name implies, the Defenders started defending very well as Dominic Drew stole the ball, Olana Alemayehu went two for two at the charity stripe, Ibrahim Ally grabbed key rebounds to get the transition game going.  The Defenders were able to get driving layups from Alden Wong, Mia Kondratyeva, and Kay Roberts to pull ahead further, and Eugene Edourazin was stripping the ball out of the opponents hands, but the difference maker was Player of the Game Ethan Kondratyev who made a basket and led the game in blocked shots that turned away the Fadeaways, thus giving the Defenders the victory and the division championship.


Schoolers vs Splash

Photo by Mirela Samardzija

The Schoolers got out front early on aggressive drives to the hoop by Noah Tsegaye, Leo Cohoe, and Cassius Taylor.  The Splash got it going as the half progressed as River Zelenovic nailed a trey, Mesalay Benyam got rebounds, Danilo Samardzija and Sam Mcgowan scored, and Sasha Peterson hit midrange shots.  The second half saw the Schoolers Amensisa Alemayehu and Azariah Gebeyehu make the scoring column, and Desi Parra get steals to help narrow the Splash lead;  however, the Splash got scores from James Cook, Mesalay Benyam, and Ethan Scwartz that built a big lead, which was further enhanced by the exceptional guard play of Player of the Game, Sasha Peterson, who took control in the final minutes to secure the Splash victory.

SAT 6/24/23  Games #9


Hoopsters vs Ballers 

Photos by Matthew Farrar

The Hoopsters were a little short on players, but made the best of it as they got most of their points from Theo Manolelis and his friend Michael Lee, but also got rebounds and steals from Jaxon Oxendine and Jason Ren.  The Ballers were able to pull it out in the end of a close game as the usual suspects, the Farrar brothers of Oscar and Oliver scored, and a key basket by Luke Sarley gave the edge to the Ballers.  The Ballers had good performances by Lior Vaisburd, Owen Wang, Safi Pahwa, and Player of the Game Henry Bowman.

Player of the Game, the Ballers Henry Bowman.  Photo by Matthew Farrar


Rebounders vs Treys

The game remained close for the first three quarters as the Treys had most of their scoring from Rome Ricks, but also a bucket by Nanda Aysola, and two made free throws by Rodrigo Padron.  The Rebounders scoring came from Jaxon Silverstein along with multiple assists, Saum Safavi, Leo Yaghoubzadeh, and Baran Dahukey.  The Treys had rebounds from Howie Trussler and Stanislau Zhizhenka, but the Rebounders got key steals from Jett Shung, and a late basket from Player of the Game Pablo Gonzalez to hold onto first place in their division.

Slammers vs Blockers 

The Slammers played a good game as Alex Blondheim had 9 points, and Soren Verleun and Oscar Vigder made multiple points.  The Blockers Royal Luna was too strong with 23 points, and points from Mateo Chen and Player of the Game Theodore Edelman gave their team the victory.  Other notable performances were from the Slammers Paris Hemmati, Aidan Schneider, Bodhi Petitti, and Indra Srivastava.  The Blockers had a good defensive performance from Baer Loubek.


Downtown vs Dunkers

Downtown got on the board early as Eugene Edouarzin and Chloe Scofield scored, and Len Meunze and Nicholas Chan got rebounds.  The Dunkers finally got it going with distance shooting from Nadir and Nadim Nasir, Luca Tinti, and Lucas Dogic.  The second half saw Downtown get additional scoring from Chloe Scofield, and two buckets from Ocean Yaghoubzadeh.  The Dunkers got scoring from Mika Stele, Jeffrey Records, and Emet Ketai to have a commanding lead and hold onto their unbeaten record.


Cagers vs Schoolers

Turned out to be a 4 vs 4 affair, as teams were short handed.  The Cagers had Rayan Etemadnia with multiple steals, Justin Tun with four 3-pointers, Kenzo Lowrey with three baskets, and Ben Steelman with a couple of buckets.  The Schoolers were dominant as all five players scored, with Matthew Assefa with 30 points, and Noah Tsegaye with 24 points, and “3”s made by Cassius Taylor and Desi Parra, and free throw and basket made by Leo Cohoe.  Both teams combined for over 110 points, which made the scorekeeper Nicholas Walker exhausted.

Rainmakers vs Daggers

Unfortunately, the Rainmakers didn’t have enough players to field a team, but they split with the Daggers to have a fun and competitive game.  Razz Lee and Louis Meehan Smith jumped sides to help the Rainmakers.  Every player that participated in this match scored.  Razz Lee led the Rainmakers with 19 points  The Rainmakers Isaac Lynn, Aiden Lin, and Silver division substitute Eugene Edouarzin each made a basket, thus becoming the youngest player to ever score in the Platinum division at the age of 9.  The Daggers were led by Player of the Game, August Von Hardenberg who had 22 points, TJ Turner had 8 points and multiple rebounds, and “3” for all as Daggers Jack Phelan, Asher Zaczepinski, Adonyinas Yonas, and AJ Evans threw a party from downtown, and were making treys.  Both teams combined for over 110 total game points, thus exhausting my scorekeeper for two games in a row. God bless Nicholas Walker for keeping pace at the scoreboard.

SUN 6/25/23


Swish vs Jammers

The Jammers were jamming as baskets were made by Ashok Dhaka, Killian Georgaris, Sora Nomoto, and Frida Garcia, along with rebounds from Noe Lanich.  The Swish got points from Isabelle Ma and River Stanton, and rebounds from Elodie Ma and Kian Nouri, and steals from Ivy Huss.


Breakers vs Jumpers

The Breakers James Boesiger was solid once again as he was the game’s leading scorer with 16 points, and his teammate Rohan Peddi earned Player of the Game honors with multiple points and rebounds.  The Jumpers had two players with double digit scoring which include Keshav Srivastava(who switched from the Breakers to help), and Peter Rodrick.  The Jumpers also had 7 points from Liam Desante and a free throw from Alice Roberts.  The Breakers had a basket each from Krishna Aysola, Ray Song, and Beau Zaczepinski.  The Breakers had tough defense from Henry Fyda, Niam Pahwa, and especially Itamar Yurman who fought hard down low to the basket, to box out for rebounds.

Player of the Game, the Breakers Rohan Peddi.  Photo by Jeff Boesiger 


Clutch vs Dimes

The Clutch got ahead early to stay with baskets from Jonas Ketai and Jordan Martin, along with rebounds and steals from Player of the Game Theo Stele.  The Dimes had a bucket each from William Holt, Mai Ly Pariser, and Beau Bigler, with rebounds from Liana Enayati and Olivia Wu.  The Clutch were able to keep their lead for good with defensive help from Sebastian Armijo and Dora Manolelis.


Fadeaways vs Handles

A close first half as the Fadeaways got baskets from Kayhler Tomlinson, Nicholas Von Hardenberg, and Luca Hayutin.  First half scoring for the Handles came from Henry Covington, Sean Dobbs, and Nicholas Mirich.  The second half saw Fadeaways get Rafa Ayala and Radin Taherian into the scoring column.  But the Handles were too strong as Roman Sweeney got steals, with Abdullah Jooma, Azumi Nomoto, and Rohham Taherian each making a basket;  and, Diego Gonzalez earned Player of the Game with 12 of his game high 15 points in the second half to give the Handles the victory.

Defenders vs Crashers

Photo by Damon Huss

The Defenders got out to an early lead with baskets by Ethan Kondratyev, Kay Roberts, Alden Wong, and Olana Alemayehu.  The Crashers had first half field goals from Ryan Yousefi and Kaya Dahukey.  The second half saw the Crashers get a “3” each from Ming Zhu and Coen Haynes, and a bucket by Ross Nelson, along with steals from Conrad DiMauro and Oliver Harris.  The Defenders got second half scoring from Dominic Drew, MIa Kondratyeva, Henry Huss, and Player of the Game Ibrahim Ally to obtain the victory.


Press vs Splash

The Press were short on players so they recruited Splash players Sasha Peterson and Sam McGowan who each had double digit scoring for the Press.  The Press got scoring from Caden Feradouni, Keen Nikkel, Cam Pariser, and Jarvis Wakefield.  Amir Enayati had multiple rebounds for the Press.  The Splash got scores from Mesalay Benyam, James Cook, Joshua Edwards, Danilo Samardzija, Ethan Schwartz, and Josh Weil.  River Zelenovic was the steals leader for the Splash.

TUES 6/27/23


#3 Hoopsters vs #4 Swish

Basically a 3 versus 3 players contest.  The Hoopsters had points and rebounds from Theofilos Manolelis, Jason Ren, and Player of the Game Jacob Oxendine.  The Swish had steals and points from River Stanton, , Theo Jacobs, and Player of the Game Ivy Huss.


Splash vs Rainmakers

First half remained close as the Rainmakers had points from Ryan Chambers, Dagmawi Ayele, Kai Halpert, and Kaleab Seyum.  The Splash first half scoring came from Josh Weil, Sam McGowan, Ethan Schwartz, and Sasha Peterson who made a couple of treys.  The second half saw the Splash pull away on continued scoring from Player of the Game Sasha Peterson as he drove to the hoop for layups and an “And1” conversion.  The Rainmakers tried their best to stay with the Splash, as Aiden Lin got rebounds, but were unable to catch the Splash.

Cagers vs Press 

Cagers too strong for the Press, as the usual suspects scored, and Ben Steelman made a “3” in his last game at the Santa Monica YMCA.  Cagers also got a “3” from Max Baracy, and solid defense from Axel Trussler.  Raif-Henok Kendrick and Leo Epstein were impressive for the Press, as they both scored and had double digit rebounds.

Schoolers vs Daggers

The last Platinum game of the season turned out to be one of the best games of the season.  The Schoolers had a narrow halftime lead on points from Amensisa Alemayehu, Desi Parra, Leo Cohoe, and Cassius Taylor.  While the Daggers had first half scoring from Jack Phalen, Christian Ferew, London Coleman, and Asher Zaczepinski.  Halftime was a little scary as Daggers Adonyinas Yonas had a fainting spell, but would later be determined to be okay, as we were all worried at the time, thank God he was fine.  The match resumed in the second half, as teams went back and forth with the lead.  The Schoolers Noah Tsegaye was big in the second half as he was the scoring leader for the Schoolers.  The Daggers were able to edge out the victory as Louis Meehan Smith, AJ Evans, August Von Hardenberg, and TJ Turner scored, and London Coleman took charge in the final minutes of her last game in this program, as she made crucial shots and free throws to pull out the victory from the jaws of defeat, earning the  Player of the Week award.

WED 6/28/23


Clutch vs Blockers

Photo by Mike Tomas

The Clutch Jonas Ketai showed why he is a top player in this division with his stellar performance in this match, as he scored 8 points in the first quarter.  He got help from teammates Dora Manolelis and Jordan Martin as they each made a basket, and good defensive stops by Rocco Tomas and Sebastian Armijo to block the Blockers from scoring.  The Blockers had field goals from sub Oscar Vigder, Baer Loubek and Katarina Epstein.  Theodore Edelman and Mateo Chen had strong defensive performances for the Blockers.  

Treys vs Slammers

Yours truly had to come out of coaching retirement to fill-in for a coach who was caught on a delayed flight, so I took my Lakers coaching hat, put it on, sat on the bench and helped the Treys.  The Slammers got baskets from Alex Blondheim, Rex Bulette, and Soren Verleun.  The Treys got scoring from Nanda  Aysola, Rome Ricks, and Howie Trussler.  The Slammers were tough on defense withAidan Schneider, Oscar Vigder, and Paris’s Hemmati making steals and grabbing rebounds.  The Treys had Stanislau Zhizhenka blocking shots, and Rodrigo “the Boss” Padron making sure nobody got by him, as he shut down the middle.  Fun to coach again, but back to running the league.

Dimes vs Rebounders

The best was saved for last, as the two top teams met each other for bragging rights in the Bronze division.  The Rebounders had the lead after one quarter on baskets by Baran Dahukey and Saum Safavi.  But girl power took over as the Dimes got the lead at halftime, on scores from Mai Ly Pariser, Liana Enayati, and Julia Enayati.  The second half was a defensive grudge match as the Rebounders got tough on defense with Teo Escalante, Marcel Jimenez, Leo Yaghoubzadeh, and Pablo Gonzalez holding down the fort.  The Dimes kept the pressure on with Elliot Sheng, Johnny deNeufville, and William Holt taking the ball away from the Rebounders.  The game was tied at lucky number 13, and a final buzzer three-pointer attempt bounced off the rim.  Co-Players of the Game were the Dimes Mai Ly Pariser, and the Rebounders Jaxon Silverstein.


#3 Handles vs #4 Fadeaways

The Handles eventually would win this game, but the Fadeaways showed vast improvement.  The Handles Henry Covington was the leading scorer with 17 points, Rohham

Taherian had 8 points, Azumi Nomoto had 6 points, and Alex Providas had a basket.  The Fadeaways had 6 points from Luca Hayutin, 4 points from Radin Taherian, and a basket each from Jack Meyer and Rafa Ayala.  The Fadeaways had rebounds and steals from Kayhler Tomlinson and Jake Records.  The Handles had Sean Dobbs and Maraki Tsegaye controlling the boards, and Roman Sweeney and Nicholas Mirich stealing the ball.

THURS  6/29/23


#1 Ballers vs #2 Jammers

Defense, defense, and more defense, was the name of this game.  Penetrating the lane just wasn’t happening, but ball movement was great.  The only first half basket came from Killian Georgaris of the Jammers.  The Ballers got a basket in the second half from Oscar Farrar off an assist from his brother Oliver, and a free throw from Safi Pahwa.  The Ballers showed tough defense with Olivia and Owen Wang getting steals and rebounds, Lior Vaisburd chasing balls down, Sabrina Goldman and Henry Bowman wrestling down low, and Luke Sarley making blocks.  The Jammers had controlled dribbling from Sora Nomoto and Frida Garcia playing point guards, Tyler Enayati and Lincoln Sheng putting pressure on the opposing guards, Jakob Sroka, Lukas Curtis, and Noe Lanich securing loose balls, and Ashok Dhaka making the winning basket in the third quarter of this exciting game.  


#3 Downtown vs #4 Jumpers

Downtown got out front early on points from Eugene Edouarzin, Chloe Scofield, Andrey Sterlyagov, Elijah Kinnard,  Redeat Gebeyehu, and Ocean Yaghoubzadeh.  The Jumpers scorers were Saryah Reece, Jake Cahoon, Linus Verleun, and Alice Roberts.  The Jumpers had strong performances from Kahya Strock, Peter Rodrick, and Liam Desante.  Downtown had second half scoring from Leon Muenze, and rebounds from Betanya Desta and Nicholas Chan.

#1 Dunkers vs #2 Breakers

All Dunkers that played scored with Luca Tinti, Oliver Mota, Lucas Dogic, and Emet Ketai leading the way.  The Breakers had points from Krishna Aysola, James Boesiger, Ray Song, Beau Ellis-Farr, Niam Pahwa, and Rohan Peddi.  The Dunkers did a great job of passing the ball around and converting layups on transition plays.  The Breakers showed vast improvement in their dribbling and passing skills and played hard against the unbeaten Dunkers.

#1 Defenders vs #2 Crashers

Photo by Damon Huss

Our last game of the 2023 Spring youth basketball season featured the very diverse Defenders looking to go undefeated, as they took on the up and coming Crashers who were looking to crash the party. Early on, the Crashers got a basket from Conrad DiMauro and a “3” from Luke Steelman who was playing his final game at the Santa Monica YMCA.  The Defenders built a first half lead on points and a half dozen assists from Dominic Drew who helped Ethan Kondratyev, Kudus Dagnew, and Player of the Game Henry Huss to score.  Silver division player Eugene Edouarzin filling in for an injured Defender had 6 points including a perfect two for two from the charity stripe that had referee Robert Clark commenting on the perfect free throw form that he displayed.  Halftime of this match featured the presentation of the 2022-2023 Santa Monica YMCA Player of the Year given to Kay Roberts, the first ever female recipient of this most prestigious award.

Photo by Brian Wong

With emotions set aside, the second half continued, and the Crashers got points from Austin Bernier, Coen Haynes, and Ryan Yousefi, along with rebounds from Oliver Harris, steals from Ming Zhu and Ross Nelson.  The Defenders got points from Kay Roberts and Alden Wong as they tandem off each other with give and go passes.  Mia Kondratyev continued her MVP season with points and was the rebound leader for the game.  Olana Alemayehu and Yisaac Tariku made points from passes by Ibrahim Ally to round out the Defenders scoring to maintain a perfect season.

You can read more about Kay’s award at link below:

This Issue’s Profile

Each issue, Swish has a profile of a coach, player, or someone in the program who inspires all of us involved in Santa Monica Family YMCA youth basketball.  

This issue’s profile is of the Boesigers.  Father Jeff has been coaching for the past year in the youth basketball program, and just finished coaching the Breakers in the Silver division for this Spring season.  Son James is one of the youngest players in the Silver division, and the winner of the Most Outstanding Player award for the Silver division for the Spring season.

Jeff brings a positive reinforcement approach to coaching the players on his team, he not only teaches skills, but helps to develop his players as teammates and emphasizes sportsmanship at all times.  Jeff has worked with boys and girls that have all improved under his coaching and leadership skills.

James is not only an exceptional player that plays beyond his age, he is the ultimate teammate that gives encouragement and support to all the other members of his team.

I asked Jeff and James, a few questions for the Swish:

DocDrew:  What is your favorite thing about youth basketball at the Santa Monica YMCA?

Jeff:  My favorite thing is that there is a strong sense of community within the program. I also like that it gives all kids a chance to play and to fall in love with the game. 

James: I like playing at the Y because it’s fun and it feels like home. 

DocDrew:  Who is your favorite player or coach, and why?

Jeff: Jaime Jaquez Jr because he is such a great all around player and does so many little things to help his team win. 

James: Stephen Curry because he had a tough time at first because he was shorter in high school but then he worked hard and it paid off.

DocDrew:  What hobbies, activities,or other sports do you like to do?

Jeff: I enjoy hiking, camping, and traveling.

James: I like to play baseball and soccer. I also like biking, fishing and swimming. 

Together, James and Jeff Boesiger set the example for giving back and supporting the community, and making sure the kids are having fun, taking responsibility, and developing their skills and teamwork.  We truly thank them for all that they have done for the Santa Monica Family YMCA youth basketball program.


SAT  6/17/23  WEEKEND #7


Clutch 10, Rebounders 18

Blockers 24, Treys 30

Dimes 26, Slammers 10


Downtown 22, Breakers 29


Press 48, Schoolers 47 

Cagers 40, Rainmakers 26

SUN 6/18/23


Jammers 13, Ballers 18

Swish 23, Hoopsters 12


Jumpers 22, Dunkers 40


Crashers 26, Fadeaways 11

Handles 23, Defenders 44


Splash 29, Daggers 51

TUES 6/20/23 Games #8


Ballers 16, Swish 10

Jammers 5, Hoopsters 6


Dunkers 33, Breakers 26 

WED 6/21/23


Jumpers 13, Downtown 28


Handles 18, Crashers 31


Daggers 22, Cagers 35

THURS  6/22/23


Treys 13, Clutch 13

Dimes 9, Blockers 17

Rebounders 23, Slammers 10

FRI  6/23/23


Fadeaways 11, Defenders 26


Press 36, Rainmakers 69

Schoolers 33, Splash 46

SAT 6/24/23 Games #9


Hoopsters 10, Ballers 14 


Rebounders 24, Treys 14

Slammers 16, Blockers 30 


Downtown 18, Dunkers 43


Cagers 35, Schoolers 77

Rainmakers 42, Daggers 59

SUN 6/25/23


Swish 8, Jammers 30


Breakers 32, Jumpers 27


Clutch 13, Dimes 7


Fadeaways 15, Handles 31

Defenders 40, Crashers 13


Press 51, Splash 29

(Splash get victory due to shortage of Press players)

TUES 6/27/23 Games #10


Hoopsters 8, Swish 12

(Hoopsters get victory for having a team to start match)


Splash 50, Rainmakers 38

Cagers 53, Press 22 

Schoolers 39, Daggers 37

WED 6/28/23


Clutch 17, Blockers 9

Treys 16, Slammers 6

Dimes 13, Rebounders 13


Handles 33, Fadeaways 14

THURS 6/29/23


Ballers 3, Jumpers 4


Downtown 42, Jumpers14

Dunkers 44, Breakers 17


Defenders 50, Crashers 18


Teams are awarded 5 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for a forfeit.  

Games with #3 vs #4 seeds:  6 points for a win, 4 points for a tie, 2 points for a loss.

Games with #1 vs #2 seeds:  7 points for a win, 5 points for a tie, 3 points for a loss.


Ballers 8-2-0, 44 points

Jammers 7-3-0, 40 points

Hoopsters 3-7-0, 23 points

Swish 2-8-0, 19 points


Rebounders 8-1-1, 44 points

Dimes 6-3-1, 36 points

Treys 6-3-1, 36 points

Clutch 5-4-1, 32 points

Blockers 3-7-0, 22 points

Slammers 0-10-0, 10 points


Dunkers 10-0-0 52 points

Breakers 6-4-0 36 points

Downtown 4-6-0, 27 points

Jumpers 0-10-0, 11 points


Defenders 10-0-0, 52 points

Crashers 5-5-0, 32 points

Handles 5-5-0, 31 points

Fadeaways 0-10-0, 11 points


Cagers 8-2-0, 42 points

Daggers 7-2-1, 40 points

Splash 6-4-0, 34 points

Rainmakers 4-4-2, 30 points

Schoolers 2-7-1, 20 points

Press 1-9-0, 14 points

Spring Season Awards


Most Valuable Player

Oliver and Oscar Farrar-Ballers

Most Outstanding Player

Killian Georgaris-Jammers

Most Improved

Louis Liu-Swish

Hustle award

Theo Manolelis-Hoopsters

All First Team

Oliver Farrar-Ballers

Oliver Farrar-Ballers

Theo Manolelis-Hoopsters

Killian Georgaris-Jammers

Olivia Wang-Ballers

Frida Garcia-Jammers

Sora Nomoto-Jammers

Ashok Dhaka-Jammers

Louis Liu-Swish

Jaxon Oxendine-Hoopsters

Lincoln Sheng-Jammers

Luke Sarley-Ballers

River Stanton-Swish

Corbin Strock-Swish

Jakob Sroka-Jammers

Theo Jacobs-Swish

Beck Britto-Hoopsters

All Second Team

Matthew Alemayehu-Hoopsters

Benson Berry-Hoopsters

Greysen Lovett-Hoopsters

Jason Ren-Hoopsters

Lior Vaisburd-Ballers

Owen Wang-Ballers

Noe Lanich-Jammers

Elodie Ma-Swish

Isabelle Ma-Swish

Henry Bowman-Ballers

Safi Pahwa-Ballers

Tyler Enayati-Jammers

Josephine Carey-Swish

Emma Haot-Swish

Ivy Huss-Swish

All Honorable Mention 

Sabrina Goldman-Ballers

Charlie James-Ballers

Lukas Curtis-Jammers

Kian Nouri-Swish

Enzo Shepnick Casco-Hoopsters

Alexander Rosow-Ballers

Rowan Massey-Hoopsters


Most Valuable Player

Jaxon Silverstein-Rebounders

Most Outstanding Player

Jonas Ketai-Clutch

Most Improved

Katarina Epstein-Blockers

Hustle Award

Mai Ly Pariser-Dimes

All First Team

Liana Enayati-Dimes

Lucas Alemayehu-Treys

Mai Ly Pariser-Dimes

Johnny DeNeufville-Dimes

Jordan Martin-Clutch

Sebastian Armijo-Clutch

Royal Luna-Blockers

Theodore Edelman-Blockers

Pablo Gonzalez-Rebounders

Saum Safavi-Rebounders

Leo Yaghoubzadeh-Rebounders

Soren Verleun-Slammers

Alex Blondheim-Slammers

Oscar Vigder-Slammers

Lucas Alemayehu-Treys

Rome Ricks-Treys

Nanda Aysola-Treys

Jaxon Silverstein-Rebounders

Jonas Ketai-Clutch

Katarina Epstein-Blockers

Olivia Wu-Dimes

All Second Team

Baran Dahukey-Rebounders

Wynn Jeffers-Clutch 

Aidan Schneider-Slammers

Rex Bulette-Slammers

Levi Lapierre-Slammers

Bodhi Petitti-Slammers

Jack Haot-Rebounders

Buck Jacobs-Rebounders

Jett Shung-Rebounders

Moss McFly Ton-Blockers

Parisa Hemmati-Slammers

Qiao Ren-Clutch

Beau Bigler-Dimes

Julia Enayati-Dimes

Theo Stele-Clutch

Dora Manolelis-Clutch

Matteo Chan-Blockers

Rocco Tomas-Clutch

Tomas Leblond-Blockers

Elliot Sheng-Dimes

William Holt-Dimes

Decker Amos-Treys

Rodrigo Padron-Treys

Howie Trussler-Treys

Stanislau Zhizhenka-Treys

Teo Escalante-Rebounders

Luca Seidenstein-Dimes

All Honorable Mention 

Gyan Kamari-Clutch

Aiden Yousefi-Clutch

Amarveer Gupta-Slammers

Indra Srivastava-Slammers

Shanta Vora-Blockers

Melanie Zewdie-Blockers

Renato Melo-Blockers

Baer Loubek-Blockers

Marcel Jimenez-Rebounders

Zack Shpelfogel-Treys

Jhanov Srinivasan-Treys

Ruth Tariku-Treys


Most Valuable Player

Lucas Dogic-Dunkers

Most Outstanding Player

James Boesiger-Breakers

Most Improved

Chloe Scofield-Downtown

Hustle Award

Linus Verleun-Jumpers

All First Team

Lucas Dogic-Dunkers

James Boesiger-Breakers

Chloe Scofield-Downtown

Linus Verleun-Jumpers

Rohan Peddi-Breakers

Henry Fyda-Breakers

Betanya Desta-Downtown

Alice Roberts-Jumpers

Eugene Edouarzin-Downtown

Andrew Sterlyagov-Downtown

Ocean Yaghoubzadeh-Downtown 

Emet Ketai-Dunkers

Nadir Nasr-Dunkers

Nadim Nasr-Dunkers

Mika Stele-Dunkers

Luca Tinti-Dunkers

Jeffrey Records-Dunkers

Liam Desante-Jumpers

Linus Verleun-Jumpers

Declan Wong-Jumpers

Peter Rodrick-Jumpers

Saryah Reece-Jumpers

Jake Cahoon-Jumpers

All Second Team

Beau Ellis-Farr-Breakers

Beau Zaczepinski-Breakers

Elijah Konrad-Downtown

Leon Muenze-Downtown

Redeat Gebeyehu-Downtown

Mariella Belew-Downtown

Leon Muenze-Downtown

Elliot Israels-Jumpers

Ray Song-Breakers

Keshav Srivastava-Breakers

Niam Pahwa-Breakers

Oliver Lynn-Breakers

Kayla Strock-Jumpers

Jane Ganek-Diunkers

Krishna Aysola-Breakers

Nora Neff-Dunkers

Nicholas Chan-Downtown

Keanu Lowrey-Dunkers

Oliver Mota-Dunkers

All Honorable Mention

Kamden King-Downtown

Finn Purdy-Downtown 

Itamar Yurman-Breakers

Levi Cogan-Jumpers

Owen Goldblum-Jumpers

Tucker Gissendanner-Jumpers


Most Valuable Player

Mia Kondratyeva-Defenders

Most Outstanding Player

Azumi Nomoto-Handles

Most Improved

Kayhler Tomlinson-Fadeaways

Hustle Award

Coen Haynes-Crashers

All First Team

Mia Kondratyeva-Defenders

Azumi Nomoto-Handles

Kayhler Tomlinson-Fadeaways

Coen Haynes-Crashers

Henry Covington-Handles

Diego Gonzalez-Handles

Sean Dobbs-Handles

Nicholas Mirich-Handles

Rohham Taherian-Handles

Luke Steelman-Crashers

Liam Katz-Crashers

Austin Bernier-Crashers

Alden Wong-Defenders

Dominic Drew-Defenders

Kay Roberts-Defenders

Olana Alemayehu-Defenders

Ming Zhu-Crashers

Luca Hayutin-Fadeaways

Jack Meyer-Fadeaways

Maraki Tsegaye-Handles

All Second Team

Yisaac Tariku-Defenders 

Ibrahim Ally-Defenders

Abdullah Jooma-Handles

Mariama Belew-Handles

Ethan Kondratyev-Defenders

Henry Huss-Defenders

Radin Taherian-Fadeaways

Jake Records-Fadeaways

Logan Cappiccille-Fadeaways

Kaya Dahukey-Crashers

Conrad DiMauro-Crashers

Oliver Harris-Crashers

Rafa Ayala-Fadeaways

Nicholas Von Hardenberg-Fadeaways

Ryan Yousefi-Crashers

Mia Petrigliano-Defenders

Rayan Chibane-Defenders

Aidan Hill-Fadeaways

Radin Taherian-Fadeaways

Jarec Garibay-Crashers

Roman Sweeney-Handles

Spencer Nelson-Handles

Ross Nelson-Crashers

Honorable Mention

Kudus Dagnew-Defenders

Alex Providas-Handles

Ryan Cohen-Fadeaways

Alex Brussovansky-Fadeaways

Kidd Ziegenhorn-Fadeaways

Arya Nawathe-Crashers


Most Valuable Player

Parker Cappiccille-Cagers

Most Outstanding Player 

Sam McGowan-Splash

Most Improved 

August Von Hardenberg-Daggers

Hustle Award

Noah Tsegaye-Schoolers

All First Team

Parker Cappiccille-Cagers

Ethan Schwartz-Splash

Sasha Peterson-Splash

Cam Pariser-Press

Matthew Assefa-Schoolers

Jack Phalen-Daggers

AJ Evans-Daggers

Rayan Etemadnia-Cagers

Matthew Scholze-Daggers

Keen Nikkel-Press

Leo Cohoe-Schoolers

Sam McGowan-Splash

London Coleman-Daggers

Razz Lee-Daggers

TJ Turner-Daggers

Dagmawi Ayele-Rainmakers

Ryan Chambers-Rainmakers

Matteo Tinti-Cagers

Justin Tun-Cagers

Ben Steelman-Cagers

Cassius Taylor-Schoolers

Adonyinas Yonas-Daggers

Hunter Esposito-Doi-Cagers

Ryan Chambers-Rainmakers

Kai Halpert-Rainmakers

Kaleab Seyum-Rainmakers

James Cook-Splash

Mesalay Benyam-Splash

August Von Hardenberg-Daggers

Noah Tsegaye-Schoolers

Nicholas Huether-Cagers

All Second Team

Caden Feradouni-Press

Amir Enayati-Press

Jarvis Wakefield-Press

Gabriel Chibane-Rainmakers 

Yafet Desta-Rainmakers 

River Zelenovic-Splash

Joshua Edwards-Splash 

Amensisa Alemayehu-Schoolers

Danilo Samardzija-Splash

Asher Zaczepinski-Daggers

Josh Weil-Splash

Desi Parra-Schoolers

Raif-Henok Kendrick-Press

Jason Haynes-Schoolers

Jack Segal-Press

Azariah Gebeyehu-Schoolers

Vihaan Nawathe-Rainmakers

Christian Ferew-Daggers

Rowan Booher-Daggers

Asher Zaczepinski-Daggers

Aiden Lin-Rainmakers 

Isaac Lynn-Rainmakers 

Lois Meehan Smith-Daggers

Leo Epstein-Press

Noah Michael-Rainmakers 

Jake Montanez-Cagers

Kenzo Lowrey-Cagers

Honorable Mention

Kingston Andes-Splash

Clive Kim-Schoolers

Nahum Negusse-Schoolers

Silas Hanssen-Schoolers

Iwa Hashim-Press

Ilan Larsen-Press

Dakota Hoefner-Press

Brandon Israels-Press

Sam Hofstrom-Splash

Leah Onodera Brasel-Daggers

Nicholas Rangel-Rainmakers 

Yousef Jooma-Splash

Max Baracy-Cagers

Axel Trussler-Cagers

Thank you very much, to all the coaches, parents, players, referees, and my assistant Nicholas Walker.

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation for partnering with the Santa MonIca Family YMCA youth basketball program,  and UCLA Health for their donations and support to the foundation.

Dr. Paul Drew, youth basketball coordinator at the Santa Monica Family YMCA, editor and publisher of Swish

Thank you very much, to all the coaches, parents, players, referees, and my assistant Nicholas Walker.

Dr. Paul Drew, youth basketball coordinator at the Santa Monica Family YMCA, editor and publisher of Swish

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