At next Tuesday’s City Council meeting (Agenda, Item 11a), the Council will consider selecting a development team that would turn three city-owned surface parking lots along the Wilshire corridor into multi-level permanent affordable housing. The three parking lots are located at 1217 Euclid Street, 1211-1217 Fourteenth Street and 1146 Sixteenth Street.

Staff has recommended a proposal by the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) and the People Concern that would create 87 general affordable residences, 40 permanent supportive housing residences, and three units for property managers. HCHC would serve as property manager for all three sites. 

The People Concern would be the lead supportive service provider for the residents living in the development’s permanent supportive housing units. All the permanent supportive housing units would be located on the Euclid Street site, which would also include 24 affordable residences for the general population. 

Assuming the Council moves forward with selecting this proposal, the development team will begin a public process to refine and complete their final proposal before construction can begin. The project was included in the city’s 2021-2029 Housing Element and the city is now required to move forward with affordable housing on these sites to meet the plan certified by the state.

But even though the debate on whether or not these surface lots should be developed should be considered over when the state certified the housing element; opposition could spring up with some community groups and possibly some Councilmembers over the loss of public parking. The three surface lots have 119 public spaces available. The proposal first submitted by the HCLC led development team has proposed a pair of parking scenarios, one of which includes only nine public parking spaces (at no cost to the city) and another that includes 43 public spaces but would cost the city $5.5 million dollars.

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