Pickleballers that arrived at the Memorial Park courts yesterday morning were greeted with an unpleasant surprise. The courts were closed at the park yesterday after a fire on Sunday evening destroyed the storage shed that housed nets, public racquets and other supplies needed. Cleanup was still ongoing and the courts were closed for much of yesterday.

But, the local community showed its resiliency in the case of a crisis. In a matter of hours, a fundraising link was online, a fundraiser was announced for yesterday evening and the Santa Monica Pickleball Club had reached out to Selkirk Pickleball who agreed to send new materials to the park and loan some paddles.

Last night’s fundraiser attracted over 80 pickleballers and their families and raised over $2,100 to rehabilitate the park. When the park opened this morning, several dozen players were waiting with donations to make the courts playable again.Anyone who wishes to help can make a donation at this link, or can visit the club’s event at Picklepop on October 2.

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