At their Tuesday meeting, the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously to create and fill a new commission. The Anti-Housing Commission was created to gather input from the community on reasons, both legal and otherwise, that the city could use to reject applications to build new housing to meet the regional housing crisis.

“I’ve heard feedback from The Residents that it stilts the process towards approving construction that we have a housing commission but not an Anti-Housing Commission,” explained Councilmember Paul Botch. “Well, consider the scales balanced.”

The new commission will be charged with not only reviewing individual permit applications to create reasons to reject them, but also recommending illegal changes to the housing element, downtown specific plan and coming up with new acronyms to be made out of the word “LUCE.”

The Council also appointed members to the commission: Jason Islas, Juan Matute, Abby Arnold, Brad Ewing, @lananegreteisstillacrook and Oscar de la Torre.

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