This morning, the City of Santa Monica and much of Los Angeles County celebrated Bike to Work Day. The annual celebration of bike commuting traditionally features “pit stops” with  goodies for bike commuters. For some, the day is a highlight of the year for regular bike commuters. For others, the increased visibility of bicycling and bicyclists makes Bike to Work Day the perfect day to begin as a bicycle commuter.

As we’ve well documented, Santa Monica Next is down a full-time editor, so we’re hoping you will help us out by sending us your media (images, video, etc) of Bike to Work Day. We’ll promote on social media and add to this article as the day goes on.

In recent years, there’s also been Bike FROM Work Day and Santa Monica Spoke has partnered with restaurants and bars throughout the city for special “Handle Bar Happy Hours”

Breeze Bike Share, aka Hulu Bikes, marks Bike to Work Day with this image of some local bike celebrities on their bikes.

for bicyclists. For more information, visit the map below or the Santa Monica Spoke webpage.

Happy Bike Day!

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