Regular readers of Metro’s blogsite, The Source, know that one of the best features is the videos. Last week, Metro unveiled its newest video in the “Go Metro” series, a review of the Santa Monica Downtown Farmer’s Market.

For The Source, Anna Chen writes :

Because the DTSM farmer’s market is also a known gathering spot for local chefs — celebrity or otherwise — who are always looking for the freshest and finest for their restaurants, I had to make sure I had my own chef along to give me the insider scoop. Luckily, Chef Robb Hammond of The Misfit was agreed to accompany me as I explored the market. He’s a big supporter of farmer’s markets and, coincidentally, living as car-free as possible. Chef Robb often takes the Expo Line when he travels to other restaurants, and he also bikes to work in Santa Monica from his home in Venice….

…If you’re big on farmer’s markets, the DTSM market is not one to sleep on. It takes place every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and, by the by, it’s one of the few farmer’s markets in SoCal to sell fresh fish.

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