It’s getting crowded on the “No on LV” bandwagon.

Earlier today, The Sierra Club has announced its opposition to Measure LV Sunday. The Sierra Club joins what Santa Monica Forward’s “No on LV” committee is calling the broadest coalition ever in Santa Monica history which has come together to oppose Measure LV which will be on the ballot this November.

Measure LV was brought to the ballot by a signature gathering campaign by the no-growth advocacy group Residocracy. It would require a citizen’s vote on nearly all developments that are more than two stories (32 to 36 feet) and major repairs or remodels on existing buildings above that height threshold. It also fails to exempt hospitals, schools, fire stations, nonprofits, and other vital institutions. Whether it’s the intended goal or not, critics of the proposal fear it would end the already-slow growth of housing stock.

“The Sierra Club, to fight sprawl, has for decades supported urban policies that encourage in-fill development to build cities that are livable and sustainable. In particular, the Club supports urban housing development. After research and analysis of Measure LV, the Club found that it was inconsistent with the Club’s policies,” writes Frank Gruber*, Vice Chair of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Political Committee.

The Sierra Club joins fellow environmental group the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters and other organizations including League of Women Voters of Santa Monica, UNITE HERE Local 11, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), and Santa Monica’s police officers and firefighters, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

You can see a nearly complete list of supporters and opponents to LV at the respective websites.
* – And Santa Monica Next Contributor
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