We’re starting a new series at Santa Monica Next where we expose readers to non-profits in the area that they might not be familiar with and provide ways that people can get more involved either locally, regionally or nationally with issues they care about. But rather than me telling you about them, we’re giving the people involved with the non-profits a chance to speak directly to our readers.

Our first non-profit is the International Women’s Resource Center, founded by Katie Neginskiy. Last week, Neginskiy wrote at Next, “The International Women’s Resource Center (IWRC) is a remarkable nonprofit organization founded in 2022 by a diverse group of women, offering compassionate support and empowerment to refugee women in Los Angeles County amidst unprecedented global conflict, including the war in Ukraine.”

Next week, Neginskiy will join us for a taping of the What’s Next podcast. You can send questions or topics to damien@santamonicanext.org if there’s something specific you’d like us to talk about.

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