UPDATE, 10:20 a.m.: Santa Monica Police and city officials say that most of the signals have been returned to normal operation, save for some along Wilshire, Lincoln, Pico, and I-10 on/off ramps.

Santa Monica is currently experiencing signal outages throughout the city during the Monday morning commute.

City officials issued an alert about outages around Downtown Santa Monica, urging road users to be extra attentive and to observe all right-of-way laws at the flashing red signals.

Shortly after the alert was issued, however, reports came via social media that the signal outrage was more widespread than simply in the downtown area. Initial reports indicate about 100 signals may be out in the city.

Also affected, according to reports, was Pico Boulevard.

Commuters have also reported experiencing outages at 17th/Olympic, 20th/Olympic, and Cloverfield at the entrance to the I-10.

Lieutenant Saul Rodriguez, Santa Monica Police Department’s public information officer, said in an email to Santa Monica Next, “SMPD Traffic Division is monitoring traffic flow and conducting traffic control at various intersections.”

Santa Monica Next will update this story as necessary.

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