Via the City of Santa Monica

The City of Santa Monica entered into a standstill agreement with JetSuiteX Wednesday to suspend its commercial flight operations scheduled to begin February 6 from Santa Monica Airport.

This agreement was reached in light of the recent agreement between the City of Santa Monica and the Federal Aviation Administration to close Santa Monica Airport in 2028. This freezes all activities and allows the two parties time for further discussion.

“The City of Santa Monica is vigilant in its efforts to protect the health and safety of our neighborhoods surrounding Santa Monica Airport while it is still in operation,” said Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer. “We recognize our agreement with the FAA to close the airport in 2028 may have immediate impacts on existing aviation tenants. It is our desire to work with JetSuiteX and all other existing aviation uses to ensure a smooth and amicable transition.”

The standstill agreement is available at

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