Santa Monica is at the center of a tech revolution. Hundreds of startups are based in the city, part of the Westside of L.A. County that has been dubbed “Silicon Beach.”

Our Tech Tuesday feature will introduce you to some of the cutting-edge tech startups cropping up in our back yard.

This week, we chatted with Ben Lister, chief operating officer in the U.S. for Rightster, a U.K.-based online entertainment company which recently opened a Santa Monica office.

What does your company do?

We help content owners, brands, creators and publishers unlock the true potential of online video.

How did you come up with the idea?

The founders envisioned a market places where brands can easily meet content creators and reach audiences on various digital platforms – Rightster is the partner of choice for these companies based on our success and ‘think global, act local’ mentality.

Why did your company locate to Santa Monica?

We have 13 offices in 10 countries and thought Santa Monica was a great location to base ourselves on the west coast as we start to scale our business in the USA.

What’s the biggest challenge your company is facing?

We work in a very busy and booming sector of media industry and everyday another company in our space is invested in or bought by a major media group which can be a distraction from the services we’re actually providing to our clients and the great results we can generate.

What could the city of Santa Monica do to help your company thrive?

Make street parking easier outside of downtown SM!

Where do you see your company in a year?

Further Int’l expansion and establishing more of a presence in the USA with bases in both in NYC and Santa Monica!

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