Under the Dome 2: Giving Some the Santa Monica They’ve Always Wanted


Because nothing can go wrong when using a Simpsons graphic while joking around.
Because nothing can go wrong when using a Simpsons graphic while joking around.

In a surprise announcement, CBS television announced today that it will reboot the cancelled Under the Dome television series as a show set it in Santa Monica.

But there’s a twist, instead of trying to figure out the best way to escape the giant, transparent, extraterrestrial dome, many Santa Monica residents will embrace the dome, citing the fact that it has stopped all traffic, population growth, and really anyone from ever coming to the beachside city ever.

“We chose Santa Monica precisely because we wanted to get away from the plot of the original series,” said executive producer Florian J. Hauser. “In the original series, a group of exceptional people attempt to reconnect with the rest of the world once they realize they’ve been trapped in a giant sphere.”

“In this case, a group of normal people actually celebrate being cut off from the rest of the world and are relieved that their world officially ends at city limits,” he said. “When I heard the plot, Santa Monica immediately came to mind.”

In fact, some residents are so excited that they decided that they will run the dome for mayor.

“Finally, a candidate that really understands what Residents want,” reads a flyer from Santa Monica Constituents Living in the Last Century (SMCLLC). “This dome has finally recognized what everyone living west of Centinela Boulevard already knows: that people living west of Centinela don’t want people leaving east of Centinela getting in the way of our cars.”

As of press time, no one had the heart to explain to them that it was just a fictional show and that the dome didn’t really exist because they were just so excited.

Hauser points out that, in the reboot as in the original, residents trapped under the dome will still have to set their minds to problem-solving. By the end of the season, some community members must find a way out of the dome and use it to forcibly eject high school and college graduates looking for a place to start new families or begin their careers, lest the growing population get in the way of their views.

The cast includes Henry Winkler, Betty White, Don Johnson, Melissa Rivers, Bob Newheart and Amanda Redman with Nick Offerman playing real-life mayor Kevin McKeown

Plans for season two include a plot in which tech companies and other businesses must find their way out of the dome to areas with more office space in order to make room for more Starbucks. In season two, there is also rumored to be a plot involving the mysterious appearance of more and more cars, forcing the residents to be unable to find parking whenever and wherever they want.

The Under the Dome announcement comes days after the announcement of X Files, Santa Monica. In the reboot of the popular 90s sci-fi thriller series, a secret conspiracy to take over the government by encouraging young residents to vote is discovered by Residents on a Facebook group.


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