This week is going to see a lot of changes for Santa Monica Next. On Thursday, we’ll be announcing new staff and a new campaign. Over the weekend, we’ll be changing the skin of the website.

But the first change is more subtle. As of yesterday afternoon, you can now purchase Santa Monica Next shirts, water bottles, stickers and other items at Cafe Press. I still have a dozen or so of the purple shirts from last year’s launch for purchase at Santa Monica Next events, but at least for now we’ll be outsourcing our merchandise to Cafe Press. Every time an item is purchased at the shop, Santa Monica Next will receive a portion of the proceeds. It’s an easy way to show your support and help us earn some cash for our operations.

Of course, if you’d like to support us and aren’t interested in buying a new beach bag, you can always make a donation to Santa Monica Next by clicking here.

As always, any money raised in Santa Monica will be spent in Santa Monica on Next or our soon-to-be-announced campaign.

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